Jewelry Roll Attempt or Trying to Make Traveling Easy

So, after going to the ModCloth website to suffer at their large prizes and small sizes, I came across a jewelry roll (pictured above). Given the fact that I am going to travel soon, this provided an opportunity for me to be more organized with what I love the most: jewelry. 

As I have mentioned before, I am an overpacker and I'm not ashamed of it. :) Thus, I usually bring a lot of jewelry with me in my trips and ergo, I have always had the need for somewhere to put it. I usually stuffed things in little boxes and hoped for the best. It all resulted in a tangled mess, lost earrings and sad tears. But, no more! 

This is also the item that fueled my interest in sewing. I have always wanted to sew, but now I had a bit more motivation. Little did I know, how little I knew. I then decided to look for a tutorial and since the internet is the source of all knowledge nowadays, I found several. I have yet to attempt my luck at such a feat. 

I also looked at the designs and patterns of all the tutorials I came across and none of them had what I wanted/needed. I also looked in Etsy.com and I also found a lot of them, but none of them were what I needed nor in my price range. I refuse to pay $40 on this! But, I needed a space to put my necklaces in a way that they wouldn't tangle, a place to put my rings, my charms, my bracelets and my earrings - all in separate compartments. So, I designed my own (as you can see below). 

What now? I am asking myself this very question. Now, I look for fabric. I will give it a shot. But if I find something similar, already made and cheap, I may give into temptation and just go ahead and buy it. 

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