Box Pouch Thingy - DIY

I love box pouches. Maybe because they remind me of my dad when we went traveling. He used it to keep all the medicines at hand. Now I want one for my trip to store my toiletries. I like it because it's big enough to store my normal size shampoo (I can't deal with the travel size shampoos because my hair reaches my waist and I have lots of it). 

I wanted to attempt sewing one on my own after finding this über cute tutorial. It was beautiful and perfect and much too small for what I wanted. As always, I want my things to be custom made to my specifications, but I can never find exactly what I want!

Well, after the failed attempt to sew my own box pouch, or rather me giving up on my dreams, my mom bought me this one at the same time she bought me the monster jewelry roll from hell. I was expecting a bit more... color (patterns, anything!) but instead I got a really masculine looking one (as you can see)! In fact, the men's section is exactly where it came from.

So, what is a girl to do when she has this fugly box pouch? Bedazzle it! lol.

I had the original idea of making a fabric rosette or two... or three. Also, I thought that I would maybe paint some design in acrylic paint. But as I was getting the fabric for my brush, I came across this huge button. Eureka!

When I came back home I looked through my button stash and got two more, because asymmetry looks better.

So here it is, inspiration to make your own:
1. Get a manly box pouch (or steal from your boyfriend).
2. Go to your button stash and find buttons (pick odd numbers, they look better than even numbers).
3. Sew the buttons.
4. Voilá!

I rather like how it turned out. It looks super cute. I did, however, have to use glue with the huge button because it was too heavy and turned to its side. I used a bit of UHU and it was exactly what it needed. Yay for my new box pouch! 

Have fun! 

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