Lola takes on Germany... again.

This trip now has been a sacrifice, because I shouldn't have spent the money on this. Money I may need for something else, but considering the fact that not too long ago I was shopping at Econo (supermarket) and spent $430 on groceries, it made me feel less bad about shelling out $600 for a nonstop round trip to Germany.
I have been wanting to visit Germany in the summer since last I was here (during summer) in 2009. I definitely missed seeing the fields of rapeseed, the green trees, the flowers everywhere. And, all the adventures that came along with it.
My flight was full. Like... packed. Like they shouldn't do this because we need the extra space in a 9 hr flight. And at the terminal, I had spotted a dirty, (I mean dirty) hippy german and  everybody who saw him was thinking the same thing: "Oh MEIN GOTT, I hope he's not sitting next to me." While I waited for the person who would be sitting next to me, these words were going through my head ALL. THE. TIME. Luckily I got seated next to a super nice danish girl who had just spent 6 months in South America, getting to know the culture and learning Spanish. We talked a lot about long distance relationships as she had met an englishman in her trips and they fell in love but she didn't know if she was cut out for the long distance thing. She showed me a picture of him, and let me tell you, she SHOULD. The guy was gorgeous.
After 3 hours of sleep, airplane food, my stomach not agreeing with anything, a sick guy coughing behind me, among other things, I arrived to Germany. It was the most natural thing in the world. It was like landing in San Juan! I felt home.
In the little shuttle bus, an older lady sat across me and asked me: "¿Tu hablas espaƱol?" I smiled. This lady could have been anybody's mom or grandma. She looked like she needed help. She proceeded to explain how disoriented she was because she didn't remember any part of this trip. She didn't know where to go next, what to do, and I was glad to help her. I led her through the airport, to customs. She didn't speak English, so I had to help translate. Next thing I know, I'm speaking English/German to two customs agents who were trying to communicate with my old lady, and the old lady in the other line, who didn't speak English either. The germans couldn't understand how these women, with an American passport, didn't speak English. I had to explain that we just belong to the United States, it doesn't mean we speak the language.
Then I had to take the women to the baggage claim. It was a bit far away, and through the airport so it was confusing for them. I was glad to be of help. After they found their bags, they went their merry way to their respective families who were waiting for them. I was then focused on making it to the train with my anemia and two suitcases.
In the train station, I met with the guy who was coughing behind me, an argentinian who recently accepted a job in Berlin and spoke no German at all. And then another old lady comes by speaking German to him, and he says he doesn't speak German. She actually spoke perfect Spanish and perfect German. We got in the train to the main station together, and it turns out that this lady lives in Cayey (of ALL places) since the 60s, when she married a soldier from Puerto Rico and came to Cayey, which she says that back then it was like stepping to 500 years before, both in architecture and in mentality. She argued that men and women in Germany were equals, and that in Puerto Rico women could not even walk into a bar without being looked at funny.
So 4 hours after the next train ride, my stomach acting up again, kids crying in the train, and being bumped into countless of times, the train arrived at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, and I began to search for my baby, Mr.J. As luck would have it, he was standing where my wagon was, and I could finally have my Nicholas Sparks moment, the reunion, with flowers and all... well, after Mr.J almost hurt his back with my heavy suitcases. :)

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