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I think that it's part of my calling, but I seem to find very little time to actually do it. Yet, as the amount of work piles up and the deadlines come deadly closer, I think my brain just diverts everything into inspiration. I suddenly get the urge to create, craft, procrastinate... anything that doesn't involve actually working on what I have to work on. It's quite something, really... considering the fact that I do not need much to get me distracted.

Lately I find myself thinking about a series of watercolor paintings. It is a big project that I want to undertake, but I haven't done watercolor painting in AGES. Why? Because it's sort of a job, to work with watercolors. So much planning needs to be done and things have to be calculated. If something goes wrong, you may need to start all over again and discard the amount of work you already worked on.

But, inspired as I was, I wanted to paint again, and watercolors seem to be haunting me. I guess I haven't had much experience with them and maybe it's a challenge of sorts and my brain wants me to work on that instead of working on my career.

So, I have two projects ahead that I want to take on. One involves watercolors and the other involves acrylics (because let's face it, with this humidity, only acrylics will do). I want to also focus on my two passions: medicine and art. One project will involve painting medicine stuff and the other one will be traditional painting stuff... stuff people may want to put on their walls (not just doctors wanting to decorate their offices).

I need time. I need more time and I need money to buy supplies. Why must art stuff be so expensive and then we're expected to sell it for under what we think it's worth? I always try to be fair when it comes to pricing, but since things are getting quite expensive lately, what is a girl to do?

Anyways, enough about my rambling. I was looking on the interwebz to find some inspiration to practice my watercoloring skills (or lack thereof) and as always, I find some pretty pictures to take my mind away from the mundane and into someplace nicer, where there is lots of time for sleeping, doing things that you like doing and enough sunlight to last you until you finish studying, and enough stars in the sky to let you catch enough Z's (and by that I mean at least 10 hrs). A world where I can find beautiful flowers in my backyard that extends into the horizon, a beautiful and never ending couture wardrobe and world peace.

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  1. Hello! I absolutely adore the blue and white wedding gown photo in your April 22nd post. I have been searching the internet and bridal stores for it, I really love it!! Can you please tell me where you found it? Who designed it? Where to get it?

    Thank you VERY much!!


  2. Hi Jordan! I know, I absolutely love that dress too. It is to die for! :) The dress is from the Marchesa Fall 2012 RTW collection but I do not know where to get it! I think you can contact them here: (212) 463-8135
    SALES@MARCHESA.COM I found the picture on We Heart It. You can see the dress here: http://www.vogue.com/collections/fall-2012-rtw/marchesa/runway/ Hope that helps! Good luck finding this amazing dress!! <3