Washi tape

I just recently fell in love with washi tape. I know, I am super late to the party. But, I decided to order them ahead of time in preparation for buying my very own Filofax. So far, I have been using a notebook I was gifted and although it's good for lists and doodling, it doesn't organize me as it should. I want a planner and something to help me with organizing my ideas, and perhaps help me overcome my artist's block (or whatever you want to call it!). But enough about that now, I am now in love with washi tape. Not only has it helped me with decorative purposes but it has also served to inspire me to create. 

I want to find a balance between my professional life (in the future) and my creative life. I think that will help me to be satisfied with what I am doing and it will not lead to me questioning my career path as I seem to be doing more and more of lately. 

TL;DR: washi tape = creativity 

Crowns by Lola

So, I have always been a fan of jewelry and headbands. It all stems from my love of tiaras and Disney princesses, I'm sure! And why not wear your own crown when you are out and about in real life? 
Now I am working on some wearable crowns for daily life! Here are some pictures.