So I decided to take a plunge and share a bit of my doodles and "artwork". I certainly do not call my work "art" because it sounds pretentious and that's the last thing I want to be associated with. I do not consider myself an artist, I just like to paint from time to time.

I can't lie though. I miss being in that world, a part of the galleries, the showings, being a part of something, and I think that above all that, I miss the sense of belonging that came with it. Who cares about the negative reviews I got? Who cares if people didn't like it? Not everyone will, but what I did care about was how it all felt. 

And it felt good.

I guess I also miss the sense of community that came along with it and being a part of a select few. I guess I never knew what I was doing or how it would affect others, how my stuff would impact other people (or not!), I was just along for the ride. Now what do I have? A bunch of books and a bunch of people tearing at each other's throats to be noticed, to be the best, not because of something that they made, made from scratch, made by their hands, but something they claim to know, something they read the night before in some book.

Ugh, sometimes I really hate medschool.

Anyways, enough about my ramblings... here are some of my doodles.

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