Germanic Adventures

I have a love/hate relationship with airports. What airports giveth, airports taketh away. The airport takes me to Germany but also brings me back to Puerto Rico, away from Mr.J. When I was little, I used to love airports, because it usually meant one thing: vacations. Now that I am here in Germany, it has brought me close to Mr.J but vacations is the last thing I'll be doing here.

My most recent experience: Premium Economy
Before I go to the airport, I go through every little detail in my head, trying to anticipate what could happen. In my mind, I am a fabulous jetsetter almost hovering through the airport security and making it to the gate unscathed. This has never happened. For example, this time I did my hair before going to the airport in hopes of walking into Mr.J's arm with Pantene commercial hair... by the time I got to the gate I was sweating like a pig from carrying around my heavy computer (which is enabling me to write this!) and the myriad of things I think I will need but rarely use. My makeup had melted away, my hair was a mix of grease, frizz and I was hungry, but the airport was so warm that the only thing I could manage to eat was a gelato, my lactose intolerance be damned. To make things worse, the bronzer I had in my purse broke, filling my purse with makeup. I regretted the moment where my mom asked me if I needed napkins before we left and I said no.

And as always, I have something to tell about my experiences in the airplanes. Last time when I came to PR, I had the worst experience ever. I couldn't reserve online a seat, so when I got there at 6am (departure 11am), all the seats were taken. No window seat for me, no emergency seat for me, almost to the back of the plane and the airplane was packed full of people. I got a place next to a Spanish man who seemed uncomfortable to be next to me. Also next to me across the aisle there were some nice old ladies whom I helped stuff their heavy bags in the overhead compartments. The plane was full, I was super warm, and babies... lots of babies.

Good-bye Puerto Rico, and GOOD RIDDANCE! 
I don't know what I'll do when I have them, but having screaming babies in a very small space with absolutely NOWHERE to go, it can get pretty intense in there. And what I mean by intense was my hate of babies. Maybe they should have a separate area like they do on trains. Why has nobody come up with this yet? Maybe they have, but I am not aware of it.

So, being on the aisle seat, I had nowhere to rest my head, nowhere to run from the babies, puerto ricans screaming to each other across the aisles, a huge guy standing in front of me blocking the view from the TV thing. It was a horrible experience.

After this I had to book another ticket, and this time I said, NEVER AGAIN, and paid extra for the Premium Economy section. My pocket suffered a bit, and I really questioned my judgment after paying for it, buyer's remorse galore. But, after finally experiencing it yesterday, I can say it was worth every single penny.

Hello, cloud!
I didn't have any encounter with a passenger (except wanting to hit the lady behind me who was sneezing without covering her mouth, which is probably what gave me the cold I have now) , I was basically left alone... had my own big seat, could reserve ahead of time my window seat on the left side of the plane (because I normally sleep on my left side) and the food was amazing. How have I been traveling any other way? I may never go back to regular ol' economy again.

Appetizer, Entree, Dessert. YES!
I got out quickly, passed through customs quickly, waited for my bag and next thing I knew, I was hugging Mr.J. 9 hrs of flight were nothing. But my hair was nowhere near Pantene quality. And Mr.J, being the guy that he is, didn't even notice I had a little makeover done before I traveled and I had asked my mom not to put pictures on FB as to not to ruin the surprise. Well, I was the surprised one when after 20 min of being together Mr.J had not figured out a single thing with my hair. I had to point it out. Who got upset? I did. Quite. I could see Mr.J's face transform from surprise to OMGWHATHAVEIDONE?! when I pointed out the fact that my hair was indeed different.

To be continued...

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