DIY - Purse Embelishment

Ok, I apologize for the lame title. Also, I apologize for the particularly bad picture quality (I am currently using my iPhone because I have no idea where I put my real camera!). 

Moving on. 

I bought this purse specifically for my trip, because I had envisioned a cross-body purse, with a metal frame clasp thingy. I am obsessed with these lately, and I am gawking at them at Etsy like a crazy person. But, for some reason beyond me, they are not lower than $30 (at least the ones I like are not!). And being the cheap person I am (only because being a med student sucks and I have no money), I was not able to afford them. *sadness* 

It all stems from an incident two summers ago. I was at the Fossil outlet store and I saw these cute cross-body purses with the clasp thingy and I didn't buy them. I regret it still. And I hate when I do that to myself! If I really like it and I will obsess about it later if I don't buy it, I buy it. Anyways, I have searched everywhere, eBay, random internet stores, you name it. These purses from long ago are nowhere near to be found. So, naturally, I wanted them even more. 

I found a tutorial on Martha Stewart, but the instructions are super confusing and the video didn't help much either. Maybe I should head to the Etsy store and get myself the kit, but I'm not loving the fabrics that she is offering on her Etsy shop. So, back to square one. 

I went to Macy's the other day and I was decided to find something similar. I go over to the purse section, and lo and behold, cross-body purses with the chain and the pretty pattern I wanted. The best part: it only cost $11. Oh yeah. 

Anyways, it is a pretty purse, but I felt it was lacking a certain oomph.  So, I looked around my hair accessories, which I also happen to hoard, and I found this old flower which I think belonged to a shirt I had back when I was in my freshman year of college. It didn't have the pin/brooch thing attached on the back, so I went to my craft supplies and found a bag of them.

I then proceeded to glue the pin on the back, and let it dry for some minutes. Maybe I should have left it to dry overnight or something but I am too impatient for this kind of shenanigans. I waited maybe 10 minutes and proceeded to pin it to my purse. 

That's it. I got a prettier purse, and Lola is happy. Maybe this will inspire you to do something with your own purse. ;) 

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