Floral Inspiration

Lately, I have been adding more and more floral themed everything to my wardrobe (and well, everything else I seem to buy). It just happens, like every other tiny obsession I have in my life (like mushrooms, cupcakes, etc.).

Maybe it's because Spring is here (which means nothing to me because here, it's always summer!), or maybe it's because I like flowers so much, but floral patterns have become an inspiration in every aspect of my life. Even my doodles.

So here are some of a few things I like and adore.

image 2/ image 3 /image 4 /image 1 / image 5 /image 6 /image 7 / image 8/ image 9image 10image 11 / image 12 / image 13 / image 14 / image 15

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