Among the myriad of obsessions I have at the moment, doorknobs are one of them. I can't explain how it started (even though I will probably attribute it to boring trips to Home Depot when I was younger and finding pretty stuff among the endless rows of boring stuff) but I have kind of wanted them more and more lately.

I regret, deeply, not having bought a set of 3 flower shaped doorknobs I saw in Berlin during my recent trip there. At the moment, I just couldn't justify paying 6EUR per knob. I will never be able to find them again. *sigh* I thought I could start collecting them in order to achieve this project I'm contemplating at the moment.

This aforementioned project involves tackling the ridiculous amounts of necklaces I own. I have a big jewelry chest, stands, birdcage... you name it. It's all cluttered and I not only want to be able to find them (because I often forget what I have already), but they are so pretty, why not make a decoration out of them? 


So I came across this idea of doorknobs in Pinterest. And there are so many options/tutorials out there! Here are a few I particularly liked:

Canisters DIY via Homes by nine msn

This was probably the idea I liked the most because it's a nice way to make canisters look absolutely cute and use them for jewelry or other trinkets. I am looking forward to making these and perhaps putting them in my bathroom or something. 
Creative Coatrack via Home.

Coatrack? I don't have a need for a coatrack in these parts of the world, but maybe it's a good place to put my purses. 

Necklace Holder DIY via Visibly Moved

Necklace Holder Tutorial via Love People. Like Things.

Towel Hanger tutorial via House of Smiths

Drawer Hangers via Design*Sponge

Knob Bouquet via 100 Layer Cake

How cute is that bouquet!? It's probably not for everyone but I think it's something special and that will last a long time. I like the idea of that. 

I found this super cute website called Bombay Duck and they have the cutest knobs ever! I wish we had stores like this nearby. 

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