I'm addicted to Polyvore... I don't know how that happened. Ok, maybe I do, and I will try to attempt to explain. I had come across the website ages ago and it didn't make any sense. I didn't find any use for it... until now.

It all started with procrastination (as pretty much any moment of creative genius in my life, it comes when I have to study or do something else). I wanted an inspiration board. I have all these magazines lying around and I decided it was time to make use of the magazines, and put them to a good use. So, my necessity for an inspiration board came on.

I grabbed all my magazines I had available and started cutting them up to make collages. I put them on top of my desk (because my bulletin board is in storage at the moment) and so, it hit me, that I could also put some of the inspiration in my notebook, to take along with me on my trip. That way, whenever I needed some outfit inspiration, I could look at my inspiration in the notebook. I categorized it in "Sightseeing clothes", "Date Night", "Winter" etc. It is hard to find good outfits in the magazines because everything you see is so couture that you wouldn't be caught dead wearing that outside, even if Alexander McQueen himself rose from the dead just to give you that particular outfit that you saw on the magazine. Nothing seems wearable. So, it took me a while to find pieces that I would actually use and pieces that where already in my wardrobe and... along came Polyvore.

I started playing around with it, adding mainly stuff that resembles things I already own (and I stress resembles because I definitely do not own that gorgeous Versace dress) and I will take on for my trip and I came up with these:

My first attempt!
I think you can see the resemblance in that metal frame purse ;)

And so it was, that now I am coordinating what I will wear beforehand so I have an idea of what sort of outfits I can put together, and this helps me in visualizing it better. I am that organized.

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