It was in one of those procrastination filled nights that I discovered brooches: vintage brooches, rhinestone-brooches and all that stuff. In short: anything filled with embellishment. I am all for embellishment and jewelry, and this sort of combined both in a little awesome package.

Since people don't really wear them that much anymore, I just decided to hoard collect them. And the thrill of the hunt, the victory in the finding of brooches has been quite addicting (and probably similar to the hoarder mentality!). I've started collecting them over the summer and I have acquired more than 100 of them, probably. And every time I see cheap ones, I buy more.

But what to do with them? I am not wearing them, what then? I thought about hot gluing them into the frame of a mirror and make it pretty. It would certainly look great on the mirror for my vanity. But how will it finally turn out?

Then I found this:


HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS? You can Vintage Jewelry Creations' photostream here. She has tons of other ideas made with vintage brooches. I am now more inspired than ever to pursue this project, but I'm thinking I will need to hoard more brooches or pieces of jewelry...oh yeah.

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