Homemade Play-dough


While I was buying the ingredients for this recipe, I decided to look for the ingredients for the homemade play dough recipe I found on the web. This girl Kristan has this fabulous play- dough recipe that I came across one day, and I thought it would be awesome to try with kids (and by "kids" I mean... me). 

I followed the recipe and although it was sticky at first, after much playing with it, it turned out almost EXACTLY like the real deal. What I didn't like was the smell of it, so I was thinking that next time I could maybe add some scented oils or something and make it by the bucket. I have been playing with the darn thing all day and it's been quite therapeutic... add lavender scent and you've got AROMATHERAPY! :) 

I'm pleased with my play-dough and everyone should try it. DO IT. :) 

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  1. This definitely sounds fun. I should try it one day.