The 25 random things about me... just because... u know u wanna

I found this on one of my old notes from 2009 in Facebook. I forgot I had this and I thought it was funny. I should do a newer version of this and compare it to this old list. Should be fun! =D 

1. I say "LOL" in real life. 

2. I consider Ariel (from The little Mermaid) and Jasmine (from Aladdin) to be my personal heroes. 

3. I once started the rumor that I was the Queen of the Universe, and somehow, it spread like wildfire and now people actually call me this to the point I'm starting to believe it. 

4. I collect stuff: beads I find in the floor, little jewelry boxes and coins.

5. I have synesthesia. 

6. I am afraid of clowns because once, in a circus, one of them sat on my lap. 

7. I have always wanted to sew just so I can make my own clothes because I am a closet fashion designer. 

VIII. I can read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and runes. 

9. Gluttony is my sin... I love to eat. 

10. I have no sugar threshold. Nothing is too sweet for me.

11. I always joke that I will marry a nobleman who is a chef and also an orphan, so I can have a nobility title, do not need to cook and do not need to meet the in laws (this causes me terrible stress!)... also he is 6'6",an artist, has a gorgeous accent and blue eyes... I am a sucker for blue eyes! 

12. I have eaten boa.

13. I don't eat anything that swims. 

14. I love doing charity and volunteering makes me happy. 

15. I am afraid of microphones but I'm slowly conquering my fear of speaking in public.

16. I like animals like: unicorns (yes, I just said that), white tigers, pandas, elephants, manatees and dogs. 

17. I will live in India and do missionary work in the future. Oh yes. :) I'm dying to do this. 

XVIII. My computer has no number eight key because my dog Niko (RIP) jumped once on my laptop, and destroyed it, along with the F7 button... which I still don't know what it is for. 

19. Sometimes I think I'm a heretic. 

20. I'm very money-savvy... I do not go out and spend money just because.

21. I have heard some people say they like my eyes, yet I find absolutely NOTHING special about them, and I think that these people may just be pulling my leg. 

22. I have a thing for guys with long hair. I don't know what it is... it's just... awesome! =D

23. I will be 23 on June 23 and I wish I can celebrate it in Norway.

24. I'm tall, and I love wearing high-heels. You are shorter than I am? Deal with it! Most of my friends are only 5 feet tall, and though I look like their mother when we go out, I still wear 5 inch heels. :) 

25. I have no eye-hand coordination... whatsoever. I don't know how people hit a ball with the bat... I am amazed by this ability. 

26. Oops! :) My family and some of my friends call me Lola, even though I am not Dolores. The etymology comes from calling me Laura in English (sounds like Lora) and then... somehow Lola came to the picture. My dad calls me Pica, which also happens to be a symptom I possess because I am anemic. 

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