My Space

I was looking around my old notes from Facebook and I had one that mentioned My Space. This, of course, was a really old note and naturally I headed over to My Space to see what I was referring to.
What I found was that I couldn't remember my login e-mail, let alone my login password. A few attempts later and an e-mail to retrieve my password I gained access again to my long-forgotten My Space account.
Everything had changed and what kinda hurt me the most was my profile: I had spent HOURS looking for a cool background and spent HOURS customizing it and making it my own. And now, none of it is available and none of it matters anymore. Sad.
I proceeded to look for my blog and what I had written there. After trying to sort through everything I had and trying to find ALL the posts I had made, I finally was able to transfer all of the previous blog posts here. A lot of nostalgia took over me, and I realized that my writing has since then declined to the point of ridiculousness. I have lost inspiration, I have lost vocabulary and overall... skill! >.<
Anyways, I will be posting some of my old stuff here now so I can re-share it, so people can maybe get to see it and hopefully somebody will like it.
Mr. Baby is not impressed. 

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