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Ok, so I have not been updating in like... forever, but it's only because I have been super busy with school stuff and frankly, not much inspiration to write about anything. But, suddenly the muse came by and now I have lots of ideas of what I want to put into the blog. I guess I have no clear idea yet as to what I want this to be, and perhaps I will never achieve that but I guess I just want to put stuff out there. Stuff I like, stuff that matters to me... and perhaps if I'm lucky I will find some other people out there who like the same stuff I do. Or don't! Who cares. :P

So my idea came from talking to my friend and suggesting she visit my Pinterest boards and find some ideas on what to wear on her upcoming date. She told me I should make a magazine out of this because there is so much stuff in my Pinterest boards. I agree. I should really start categorizing better. Perhaps another day...

In the meantime, I wanted to leave you with a couple of obsessions I currently have, mainly makeup. I blame me reading magazines in my leisure time and maybe due to the fact that I saw myself in the mirror and realized I had lost track of what it means to be a girl! I had been so caught up with studying and taking breaks from studying (mainly talking to the bf and letting my brain rot watching TV because that's all my brain could handle... or so I thought!), that I forgot what it was like to spend a bit more time in me, skincare, a bit more makeup, doing my nails. So, here are some of the current products I am loving. :)

1. Geranium by Essie 2. Playdate by Essie 3. Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow in 22E-pearly copper 4. Benefit High Beam 5. Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

1. So, first of all, this Geranium by Essie is probably the perfect summer color. Here in Puerto Rico, it's still summer weather, FYI. And will probably continue like that for the rest of the year... ha! Anyways, this shade was exactly what I wanted since I can't really afford Chanel (who had a very similar red-orange polish that was out of my price range!). The color was a bit transparent so it required a few layers.

2. Playdate by Essie. This was love at first sight. I love purple, and I love this shade. It's just pretty and fun.

3. This Aqua Shadow by Make Up For Ever is awesome. I'm using it as an eye-liner but the other day I wore it to the beach as an eyeshadow and it even survived me rubbing my eyes every time a wave hit my face. Granted, it survived as an eyeliner not an eyeshadow, the color was still visible. Metal colors are so summery, specially this copper shade which I love. I pair it with #5.

4. I'm really into illuminators lately. I think I realized they existed way late in my life. They have seriously changed my life too. I love how this adds a glowy look to my cheeks. Ugh, I need to buy more in case I don't find a cheaper one!

5. This was a birthday present, and it was awesome. I love all the shades here. They even have some matte eyeshadows if that is your thing. I hardly use those but I guess they will come in handy once I start working again... so for a day-to-day basis, they look pretty good. I use the second row like you wouldn't even believe. I would wear them to bed if it wasn't bad for my skin. *sigh*

So there you have it. It's not much, it's not really any expert advice but just a couple of products I like and I thought I'd share. :) I'll go back to trying to sleep now!

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