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I haven't written or posted anything in a while and that is due to the fact that I spent three wonderful weeks in an impossibly romantic vacation with my honey in Italy and Germany. It was amazing beyond words and perhaps I will post some pictures. If anybody is interested, really. They are so many!

Also, I found other addictions (i.e. procrastination excuses) like Pinterest! You can follow me, visit me, stalk me or whatever here. I have boards with everything that interests me: memes, long distance relationships, party ideas, crafts, home decor and recipes. I could use more followers, of course!

In addition to this, I have to study. As a medicine student, my career is very demanding and I don't dedicate it enough time. Maybe it's because my heart is really an artist (deep inside) and that part of me always wants to create, think, dream, invent when my other half is supposed to be learning mechanisms and learning how to save lives (not kill them!).

'Till next time. :)

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