German Christmas Pt. 1

So it begins! My next adventure. I want to try to write most things down so I can remember all the little details that make an adventure special. :) Right now I'm sitting at the gate and two guys are sitting behind me. They are speaking a foreign language that I can't understand. I've decided it's french and ergo I don't like them. lol kidding! There has always been a rivalry in my university between french students and german students so I sort of fell into the tradition of not liking the french language. Nothing against the french, of course! :) The ones I've met are awesome.
Anyways, I will try to update as much as I can. Right now I'm a bit nostalgic since the moment I said goodbye to my mom we both sort of started crying. Half of me is sad because I don't want to leave my family during Christmas but the other half of me is excited/nervous/happy.
Ah, confirmed, they are indeed french! :)

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